Friday, July 20, 2012

Zoo Yatzy

When I was posting my orders yesterday I had a card to collect a parcel. I couldn't remember ordering anything so it was a nice surprise.

Introducing Zoo Yatzy!

Amelia was very excited that we had a new game to add to our 'family games night' which is fast becoming a Friday night tradition. With Daddy going back on shift work we are grabbing family time as often as we can as the tow of them don't get to see a lot of eachother during the week.

Dinner and dishes done, child in PJ's it was time to have a game. It was an easy concept for Amelia to understand , throw the dice, see what you have, match it to something on the score card and you have 2 more throws with the die that don't match to make them match. All up the game took about half an hour to play (3 players) and there were no tears and a lot of 'woop'-ing when she rolled a good score. I was the only player to roll a Zoo Yatzy and was 'high fived' about 10 times! Amelia had 2 turns towards the end of the game where she rolled more than 3 times to get the die she wanted, it was getting late, it's the end of the week so we let it slide...

Who won the game... I did! With Amelia one point behind me and Daddy scoring poorly with less than half of my score!  

Available here and at $9.95 it would make a great 'present cupboard' staple for the 4-10 year old age group.

Each side of the dice has a different animal on it. Each animal is a different colour. 

Monkey - black
Elephant - blue
Giraffe - yellow
Rhino - green
Bear - brown
Lion - orange

Throw the dice, work out what you are going to 'go for', throw the unmatching dice twice more and score. You can use the score sheets as a guide or make your own up, play by 'the' rules or by your family rules. This is heaps of fun and could be played with colours instead of animals.

For ages 4+ and 2+ players.