Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello 2012!

Wow, the end of 2011 disappeared in a puff of busy-ness! I had every intention of... well let's just say I wish there had been more hours in my day and days in my week. This year I will be a whole lot better organised! I think I may have said that last year...

So, this is what I  WILL do this year that perhaps I may have left till the last minute or done very much later than I have done in previous years.

I WILL make the teachers gifts mid year this year, not the night before the last day of school!
I WILL have my Christmas cards written and addressed by the end of November!
I WILL have a gift list with a budget that I WILL stick to (including for Miss Amelia!!)
I WILL make my Christmas cake October long weekend!

How about you? Are there things you usually do but didn't get time to or rushed through at the last minute?

Next Post... Starting School...

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