Thursday, October 27, 2011

Menu Planning - end of week one

So, how did the week go for you? We had some monumental changes of plans at the last minute for a few reasons (a random 35 degree day was the biggie, no I wasn't going to have the oven on 200 for 40 minutes thank you very much!!) and a big fail for me forgetting to add GF pasta to the shopping list... we also did the grocery shop at Aldi to try it. Yes it was heaps cheaper but I am yet to find something I 'have to go back and get more of this'. Perhaps my taste is for richer flavours but I have found their products a little bland. I will keep going but they don't have anything GF so I have to support one of the big 2 nasties anyway.

The Pie was a hit, not sure if you saw it on Facebook but here is a pic of it. It is from taste I think or maybe bhg and called family meat pie. The little pie is for me with GF pastry. Hubby likes it because it has beer in it (you can't taste it as beer, just adds a certain richness to the meat) and Amelia loved it. Having recently discovered pastry she has had a whole new world opened up to her! Fruit, meat or chicken, she's a happy camper. It has been a Godsend when we have had a 'pub' lunch as often the kids menu is deep fried something or other, a pie or vou-le-vent, whilst not the healthiest of choices, beats the deep fried nasties any day.

This was our new recipe to try this week, we have had it a lot before kids but it is fiddly and you have to let the sauce cool completely so I have to allow a morning to cook it and then let it cool or make the day before. I think you'd be able to freeze the meat sauce, or the pie for that matter... I can't see why not. We had it with mashed potato and steamed veges. The saltyness of the pie went well with the veges and added a lift to the potatoes without having to make a gravy as well.

Because the meat sauce was quite a lot and I had half a GF sheet of very expensive puff pastry left over I made 2 'sausage rolls' as well which were handy for my lunch the next day.

If you would like me to share this recipe with you I would be happy to! Just send me an email.

Now to get my head around next week. With the introduction of a short term well paid job for 2 days a week I am going to have to be even more on top of dinners than ever. I'd love to hear how your week was and whether or not you think you spent less than usual or if you shop fortnightly...

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