Saturday, October 1, 2011

5 months later...

We had had a few orders, mainly from friends and friends of friends, I can still recall the joy of our first outside order, and the conversation around it! But things weren't moving along as quickly as we would have liked. Amelia still was demand feeding and draining me of every ounce of energy and sane thought I could muster and Lisa had taken on a bit of work for her other business.

It was mid August, our turn to be visited and host lunch which we did, Stef was out doing something or other, Amelia was screaming (situation normal) and Bella was well and truly mobile commando crawling but not walking yet and I was existing on about 6 hours sleep (that had been had in three 2 hours bursts). Amelia was bum shuffling at the speed of light most place and pulling herslef up on things but not close to walking.

We sat down for lunch and Lisa said that she was thinking about moving away from our business and wanted to give me a few options to consider. Sell my half of the business to her, sell my half of the business to her mum, close the shop down or buy her half of the business out.

As these words were going around in my head and I was fighting hard not to cry the phone rang. It was Tresillian, they had a spot they could offer us, would we like it and could we be at Neppean Hospital at 9am the next morning?

That was the last of my composure, in tears I asked the lovely lady at the end of the phone to hold the spot for me while I checked with Stef that he could get the time off work, Lisa took the cue and suggested we think about the offers and left and Amelia was put in her bed and for once in her life, actually slept while I packed a suitcase for 3 people for 5 days.

Tresillian was my life saver. I hate to think what I would have done had we not had that experience, I certainly don't think I would be here in the same life situation as I am now. Amelia learned how to self settle, I was formally and properly diagnosed with PND and Stef and I had conversation with conclusion and purpose without interruption.

One sentence I remember him saying very clearly 'you smile when you are talking about the business, it makes sense to keep that smile on your face. Let's see how much Lisa wants for her half of the business.'

So we did. And I haven't looked back.

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