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From my newsletter 21/09

Who doesn't love a good nights sleep? We need it to recharge our batteries, recover from illness and give our bodys a chance to renew their cells. Without sleep we are cranky (I know I can be!), we look dull, our fuses are a little shorter than usual and with repeated interrupted sleep we can become suseptable to depression and other mental illnesses. This one I have experience of first hand. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture and until you have experienced it you can't understand what it is like.

As adults there are lots of external factors that can affect our ability to have a good nights rest. This is also true for babies but they can't tell us what they are. One of the things I learned during our stay at Tresillian was the control I needed to get Amelia into a good sleep routine and responding too quickly to her cry made me my own worst enemy. Often babies cry once or twice, just a little one, when they roll over or go between sleep cycles. As I didn't 'go to work' I made sure I was out of bed in a flash so as not to disturb Stefan and this is where Amelia took control of me not the other way around.

Wrapping/swaddling is one of the best ways to get small babies to sleep well. No, they don't like it, yes, they will fight it but it works! You will hear and read about the startle reflex where babies will jump as they fall to sleep, if they are wrapped this can help calm this reflex and put them back to sleep. I found the wraps I was given were too big, too small, too hot, too thin, too, well not quite right. 6 years ago there wasn't a lot of wraps readily available and online shopping was still very new. Now we are spoilt for choice not only in wraps but in online shopping!

I stock 3 brands of wraps which I believe to be the best flat wraps on the market. Two are slightly lighter weight which makes them perfect for summer, fabulous sizes, colours and fabrics.  L'il Fraser need little introduction, Aden+Anais Organic wraps (such sweet designs) and Vanchi.

You will find them all here... Please note, some stock is a little low... As time progresses you will see some brands go and new ones be introduced. I am working on stocking a 'sock' type wrap but at the moment they are not taking on any new retailers.

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