Thursday, October 20, 2011

Menu Planning... a Challenge

A few days ago I posted on Facebook inviting anyone who has been interested in giving menu planning a go to email me their address and I would send them a couple of sheets of the Organised Mum Menu Planner pad* so they could plan out their meals for a fortnight. I am after feedback on how this works, if it saves you money and also sharing the menu's. It's not too late if you would like to join in.

With the technological age it is easy to whip somthing up on the computer but when I get on the laptop I am easily distracted by emails, Facebook, blogs, anything other than what I have set out to do. There are times where a paper trail is necessary and easier. Shopping lists are one such thing. I have a master shopping list somewhere on a hard drive that was supposed to make my life easy... took me days to write it up, never used it... It's also easy to photocopy the page I send you, please don't! That's just not nice and these aren't that expensive really (and make BRIlLIANT gifts!).

I love the Organised Mum Menu planner. It is SO easy to use and really does not only help me with my Weight Watchers quest, it also saves us money as I buy what we need for the week not just fill up the holes in the pantry. In my opinion (and this is going to sound harsh) my Mum shops poorly and her pantry is always full of tins and packets, most of which are out of date or close to their use by date, her vege drawer also suffers the same fate with vegetables that can't even be revived in a soup... Buying what I need means that we use up all our veges and fruit for the week, there is no waste.

The key with a menu plan is that you have to be flexible. Scenario's like, you didn't get to cook X on Wednesday because there was an emergency and at short notice you had to change your plans which means you didn't get to marinate the chicken for 4 hours don't exist... All you do is look at an easy meal day or no cook day and you swap the meals, move things about, you have all the ingredients after all! You make it work for you. It saves time in the morning because you know what you have to get out of the feezer and you don't spend wasted time during the day thinking 'now, what are we going to have for dinner?' and you know what you have to do to cook that meal. It also creates some anticipation for kids that can read.

It's not too late to be a part of this. If you would like to give it a go and share your experience at the end of it please send me an email with your postal address to

*The current pad is a little different that the one pictured.

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